[V8] A new price record for a stock '90?

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That's Rogers new car, I believe. Those are niggling issues, too. A rust-free almost pristine, low mileage example can be worth that to the right buyer. 

Ingo Rautenberg

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Subject: [V8] A new price record for a stock '90?

I watched in amazement as this went down on eBay: http://tinyurl.com/6622vy.
Almost $5500 for a stock '90 V8.
Granted, it has super low mileage (62k), but it's still an 18 year 
old car with issues.

Especially considering the errors in the listing:
3yr car - it was 4 in the US and more elsewhere
16 years old
S6 and A8 introduced in '92
There's a little creative license going on here and I wonder what 
else is "creative".

And the issues listed:
light scrape on the right rear wheel opening/lip
power windows(left rear is inop)
heated seats(they don't get hot)
"Anti-Lock Off" light stays on all of the time
Cruise Control(does not work)  

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