[V8] Steering questions

Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Apr 23 08:02:53 PDT 2008

I bought a 5 gallon bucket of Chevron RYKON 32 mineral hydraulic oil.  
If you experience lots of days under say 10 degrees F, then you might  
want to think about RYKON 16. Other than that, I see no problems at  
all with this oil.  The 32 weight is fine, it just takes a few  
seconds to loosen up on a really cold day.  This oil is available  
everywhere - try a heavy equipment dealer.

Having a big bucket of oil makes the flushing out real simple too. I  
made the steering return hose extra long and located an automatic  
transmission cooler inline filter (generic part from NAPA) over the A/ 
C dryer canister.  I drained the system every few months until the  
oil stayed clean - which it has been for a long time now.  I replaced  
the first filter after about a year, the second will probably last  
the life of the car.

The pressure hoses are probably all going to fail.  You may as well  
do them at once.  Spokane hose is great, but be sure they weld on new  
hose barbs.  The repair will fail if they don't.  They know about  
this, but remind them anyway.  Their service and turnaround time is  

SInce you are this far in, I would recommend taking a hard look at  
the steering rack too.  If it is leaking, have it rebuilt.  It  
probably needs a boot and replacing it now may save you a rack  
rebuild later.  It is a PITA job,  but you will already have the  
hydraulic lines off.  Having done this job myself,  the trick is to  
have enough long extensions for your ratchet that you can take the  
hose union bolts off from the passenger side wheel well.  The other  
thing I did was to remove both ignition coils and the fuel lines by  
the right coil.


On Apr 23, 2008, at 1:04 AM, Scott Simmons wrote:
> I'm going to be resealing my steering pump here soon and had a few
> questions:
> 1) I was thinking of having the lines rebuilt/sealed "while I'm in
> there."  What are Spokane's prices and turn-around times?
> 2) What's the best way to flush the system after putting everything  
> back
> together?
> 3) Where's the cheapest place to buy Pentosin (or equal) fluid on the
> internet?  There are no local outlets.
> Thanks,
> Scott S.
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