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Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Sat Apr 26 04:35:04 PDT 2008

I just thought I'd pass along a musing that I had first thing this morning.

I subscribe to two automobile lists both in digest form.  This is the first
one that I read every morning, and the other, which I rarely actually read,
is a Porsche 928 list.

Now, the 928 is not unlike the V8 actually.  It has many, many quirks that
are unique to the car, and like almost all older Audis, it enjoys a very
specialized following.  

But the 928 was made for a far longer time in automotive history, and in far
larger numbers than the V8.  I don't know the exact numbers any longer, but
on the order of three times as many 928's as V8's I think it probably right.

Like the V8, the 928 was not a howling success with the public.  Porsche
itself didn't particularly like the car, since it was built by a group at
Porsche that philosophically went out of fashion when the Olde Garde stepped
back in and insisted that old was always better, but I digress.

Anyway, today, thirteen years after the last V8 was sold in this country,
this list still is thriving.  I have no idea how many listers there are, but
it seems to me that there is a new name or two appearing every week.  

But the 928 list is dwindling.  Rarely are there more than one or two posts,
and I see the same names all the time.  Rarely is there a new subject, too,
and from the posts, the 928 is fading fast from the scene.  

There was even a post just the other day that lamented the cost of gasoline.

A Porsche type with clay feet. Imagine!


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