[V8] Audi strikes again, or I am pleased to provide therapy for all of you who have been V8-ing too lo

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 26 08:16:10 PDT 2008

It seems to have a very clean engine compartment etc, tough to hide with pearl paint.  Very interesting to see where you ended up after giving me 'grief' for my asking price at the time I was selling with the same miles/condition and records and updates, red headed step sister 1990 model when you had to have a 92 4.2 or better. 
As I am more and more convinced to keep mine for my monthly 600 miles runs to the county, there should be 2 running around Maine for a while.  As for comments that is is too much money for a 17 year old car, certainly that is way too broad a statement.  There are tons of cars way older that I'd pay 10X that for.  My math is, basically is the same "mode" of transport that (the vehicle under consideration)  offers available for the same dollars in a different wrapper? Even after you get the mechanics where they need to be.  I'd say not really, so as they say in Sports Car Market, well bought and well sold
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