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roger, i suspect the reason is because enthusiasts buy the V8.  WE WANT ONE.
My guess is that 928 crowd is more likely a "be seen" crowd.  my wifes
cousin, a total image freak bought one because he could afford one.  the
first time he took it to the mechanic, he sold it.  could not afford the
repairs.  unfortunately, i am guessing the next buyer could not fix it
either.  i suspect it now lays in a junk yard somewhere with a blown engine
because the T-belt was not replaced.

no one wants a V8 cause of it's exotic looks or the image it gives (hell no
one knows what the thing is).  That is not the case with a 928.  They want
it cause it is an "exotic".

personally, i want one because i think it has HUGE potential.
unfortunately, i cant afford the 928 S4 that i want.


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> I just thought I'd pass along a musing that I had first thing this morning.
> I subscribe to two automobile lists both in digest form.  This is the first
> one that I read every morning, and the other, which I rarely actually read,
> is a Porsche 928 list.
> Now, the 928 is not unlike the V8 actually.  It has many, many quirks that
> are unique to the car, and like almost all older Audis, it enjoys a very
> specialized following.
> But the 928 was made for a far longer time in automotive history, and in far
> larger numbers than the V8.  I don't know the exact numbers any longer, but
> on the order of three times as many 928's as V8's I think it probably right.
> Like the V8, the 928 was not a howling success with the public.  Porsche
> itself didn't particularly like the car, since it was built by a group at
> Porsche that philosophically went out of fashion when the Olde Garde stepped
> back in and insisted that old was always better, but I digress.
> Anyway, today, thirteen years after the last V8 was sold in this country,
> this list still is thriving.  I have no idea how many listers there are, but
> it seems to me that there is a new name or two appearing every week.
> But the 928 list is dwindling.  Rarely are there more than one or two posts,
> and I see the same names all the time.  Rarely is there a new subject, too,
> and from the posts, the 928 is fading fast from the scene.
> There was even a post just the other day that lamented the cost of gasoline.
> A Porsche type with clay feet. Imagine!
> Roger
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