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I have owned two 928S4's.  The first was a granite green '87 that had been
owned and pampered by an orthodontist in Massachusetts.  It was a wonderful
car for me, and I had little to no trouble with it until I stopped driving
it regularly.  At that point a mouse got under the intake manifold and ate a
vacuum line.  I decided to sell it after having the $2.87 line replaced at a
cost of two hundred dollars in labor because the entire intake manifold had
to be removed and replaced with a whole lot of other stuff.  I figured if I
couldn't drive the car often enough to keep the mice away, I shouldn't have

The next owner took the car to the fast lube place (despite the fact that
the oil had been changed one week before.).  I think the monkey lads who
changed the oil put in five quarts as would have been normal for a small
block chevy.  Anyway, the car suffered a massive engine failure.  

Whatever the case, the S4 automatics were prone to develop a creeping thrust
bearing that would cause a catastrophic failure of the crankshaft bearing
supports and obviously, the loss of the entire engine.  There was a "fix"
developed, but Porsche denied the engines could do this at all.  I think it
was probably due to the nature of US driving, which subjects these cars to
much more stop and go driving than they were originally designed for.  The
catastrophic failure was pretty much isolated to S4 cars and later, although
a few earlier cars...the 928 "S" models...also sustained failures.

The second car that I owned was formerly owned by Bernie Kosar, supposedly.
It was a custom ordered NFL football brown in color with matching light tan
leather with color matched edging.  Hansome car that my wife insisted that
we buy, but with the restoration of the antique building that was on going,
we never really got to do much with the car.  In the end, I sold it for
about what I paid for it.

I have had two, and don't want another, although the cars are amazingly good
handling cars.  But the V8 Quattro is a better long distance touring
car...quieter and more useful power with Quattro.  The S4 will go fast and
handle well, but when the skies cloud up, I want a Quattro.


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roger, i suspect the reason is because enthusiasts buy the V8.  WE WANT ONE.
My guess is that 928 crowd is more likely a "be seen" crowd.  my wifes
cousin, a total image freak bought one because he could afford one.  the
first time he took it to the mechanic, he sold it.  could not afford the
repairs.  unfortunately, i am guessing the next buyer could not fix it
either.  i suspect it now lays in a junk yard somewhere with a blown engine
because the T-belt was not replaced.

no one wants a V8 cause of it's exotic looks or the image it gives (hell no
one knows what the thing is).  That is not the case with a 928.  They want
it cause it is an "exotic".

personally, i want one because i think it has HUGE potential.
unfortunately, i cant afford the 928 S4 that i want.


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> I just thought I'd pass along a musing that I had first thing this
> I subscribe to two automobile lists both in digest form.  This is the
> one that I read every morning, and the other, which I rarely actually
> is a Porsche 928 list.
> Now, the 928 is not unlike the V8 actually.  It has many, many quirks that
> are unique to the car, and like almost all older Audis, it enjoys a very
> specialized following.
> But the 928 was made for a far longer time in automotive history, and in
> larger numbers than the V8.  I don't know the exact numbers any longer,
> on the order of three times as many 928's as V8's I think it probably
> Like the V8, the 928 was not a howling success with the public.  Porsche
> itself didn't particularly like the car, since it was built by a group at
> Porsche that philosophically went out of fashion when the Olde Garde
> back in and insisted that old was always better, but I digress.
> Anyway, today, thirteen years after the last V8 was sold in this country,
> this list still is thriving.  I have no idea how many listers there are,
> it seems to me that there is a new name or two appearing every week.
> But the 928 list is dwindling.  Rarely are there more than one or two
> and I see the same names all the time.  Rarely is there a new subject,
> and from the posts, the 928 is fading fast from the scene.
> There was even a post just the other day that lamented the cost of
> A Porsche type with clay feet. Imagine!
> Roger
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