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 I've seen two different V8s that were hit hard in the rear by large SUV and by a tractor trailer.? In both cases the rear was heavily deformed and there was no impact penetration into the cabin area.? The one hit by the 'large SUV' (that was the owner's description) was hit in the driver's rear corner and bent up in the rear.? I bought it as a stripper and it drove well despite the modified trunk ;)? The one hit by a tractor trailer was being stripped by someone else.? Everything behind the rear windshield was mush but it also had no penetration into the cabin.

Having dismantled the doors to their individual bits, I can attest to their weight, despite the aluminum window frames.? They didn't have a side impact beam but certainly felt stiff enough to take quite a hit.? While I'd rather not get t-boned by an Excursion in a V8, or anything else!, I never felt like I was at risk from anything short of a city bus.

I'm more worried about the insane level of electronics in new cars that make the V8 look relatively simple :)? I know I am not going to buy a used car with "I-Drive" or "COMMAND" or "MMI" and feel like I can maintain it... or want to!


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    I feel like starting a new thread....  I wonder how our cars really measure up today wrt safety.?   

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