[V8] Strange no-start fuel issue

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Sun Apr 27 22:59:02 PDT 2008

Hi all, and congratulations to Roger on the new car.  As far as the  
3.6-4.2 debate goes, with my convenient local station today listing  
premium for $4.16 and diesel for a pleasant $4.64(I have a diesel  
truck)...I can't rationalize even wanting a 4.2(but would still like  
to testdrive one and feel the difference)     .....worse even is my  
1990 130 2 stroke outboard that burns about 8 gal/hr(somewhere  
between 3-4mpg at running speed).  And for what it's worth, I just  
hit 110K, and my cargo nets are perfect....I also want to thank  
everyone else for the enjoyable reading regarding the purchase of the  

So here's the problem.  Car starts right up,runs/idles/drives great.   
I can even drive it 1/2 hour down the road, turn it off, starts right  
up.  If it sits for awhile(1/2 hour, up to today when it was 5 hours  
in the ski area parking lot and was about 40 degrees out), cranks but  
no start.  Quick spray of starting fluid, and sparks right up. If I  
left it overnight in the driveway, will start first crank in the  
morning.   First time this happened, I tried the cold water on the  
sensors trick, and nothing.  So, in today's case, the motor was not  
even warm when I got back to it, so it's not necessarily a  
temperature thing, but is starting to seem like a time thing.   I  
also stopped twice on the way down for 5 minutes or so and started  
fine.  I'm guessing, something electrical is telling the injectors  
not to open, and that the starting fluid sparks it up and the fuel  
flows/or some vacuum thing opens up when motor starts, and all is  
fine....If it wouldn't start at all, I'd check all the fuel delivery   
stuff, but it's running great(after it starts).  [In the 87 Saab that  
I just rebuilt and had gone thru all the tests for "no start"(had  
fuel pressure/injectors worked/spark etc, decided to swap out the ECU  
and sparked right up].   I "blinked" out no fault codes the last time  
it wouldn't start.  Any Ideas?...Sincerely Tom La Plante

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