[V8] V8 safety

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Mon Apr 28 04:07:42 PDT 2008

I am not driving the kind of miles that I did when I was in the insurance
biz, and many fewer miles long distance than ever as well. 

But I look at automotive safety in a variety of ways, and few of them have
anything to do with airbags.  I personally regard airbags as instruments of
the devil, but then, I have never had one save my face, and I know that they
do work.

To me vehicular safety is first, active, and then only secondarily, passive.
While preservation of the human carcass is important, preservation of the
vehicle is important, too, so the ability of a vehicle to be safe in the
driving environment...to go, stop and handle well...are first on my list.
If the car can survive, so will I.

The only place that I think the V8 falls a bit short in the active safety
department, is in the brake system.  For me this is not much of an issue as
driving in the kind of commuting traffic that is the norm in most
"civilized" parts of the country is rare for me.  But I do get to drive in
the widest, and strangest kind of variable weather anywhere, and here the
Audi braking system has proven to be outstanding.  In terms of absolute
braking power, I would much prefer that my car had UFO's than the plain jane
old discs that it has, so maybe, if there is enough spare cash around (ie:
cash my wife doesn't abscond with for kitchen doohickeys....) I'll pop for a
BIRA upgrade as UFO retrofits are not advised by anyone.

As far as all of those other airbags that pop out from every conceivable
orifice....well, they just make me nervous.  I'll just tighten my seat belt
and keep focused on what is in front of me, all the while hoping that some
bimbo in an Excursion doesn't blow the next traffic light while talking on
her cell phone and putting on her lipstick....


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