[V8] Wheels

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 28 17:41:14 PDT 2008

If you're not going to go with Audi's original design of UFOs to put a larger rotor inside a 15-inch wheel, then you best settle upon your brake solution before picking your wheels.
  Personally, I think the 15-inch wheel is the best for rough pavement situations.  Lets you have the tallest sidewalls.

Roger Woodbury <rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com> wrote:
  Well, it's not too early to think about wheels for the new V8. The Aero
wheels on the car simply will not suffice, although I probably won't change
them until I change the tires. So this is a fact finding inquiry.

What I am curious about is what kind of experience listers have had with
wider tires of various sizes. I doubt that I will be able to accept the
ride or punishment on the wheels of a 17" wheel, but certainly 16" inch
wheels should have no difficulty with our rough roads. 

One thought that I have had is if I do install different brakes, I will
likely need different wheels. 

The parameter is that we enjoy a lot of frost heaves here, and the roads are
apt to be quite rough for most of the winter and spring. So tires must be
able to absorb quite a lot of shock, or else wheels will be damaged before
you know it.

Comments from all will be appreciated.

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