[V8] Wheels

Enzeder enzeder at comcast.net
Mon Apr 28 20:51:30 PDT 2008

         I have UFO's and stock suspension, and went with the factory 
Bolero's (17x8 et35) and 245/45 tires.  I wouldn't consider DC or 
Baltimore roads smooth, but I haven't bent or popped anything yet.  I 
really only got them as Impex was selling them cheap at the time.  I 
was actually looking for 16's because they tend to be less expensive, 
as are 16" tires.

This is from the rear of the car and gives you an idea of sidewall height:

At 08:28 PM 4/28/2008, Roger Woodbury wrote:
>Well, it's not too early to think about wheels for the new V8.  The Aero
>wheels on the car simply will not suffice, although I probably won't change
>them until I change the tires.  So this is a fact finding inquiry.
>What I am curious about is what kind of experience listers have had with
>wider tires of various sizes.  I doubt that I will be able to accept the
>ride or punishment on the wheels of a 17" wheel, but certainly 16" inch
>wheels should have no difficulty with our rough roads.
>One thought that I have had is if I do install different brakes, I will
>likely need different wheels.
>The parameter is that we enjoy a lot of frost heaves here, and the roads are
>apt to be quite rough for most of the winter and spring.  So tires must be
>able to absorb quite a lot of shock, or else wheels will be damaged before
>you know it.
>Comments from all will be appreciated.

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