[V8] Strange no-start fuel issue

John Bucciarelli bmwkrider at msn.com
Mon Apr 28 21:54:45 PDT 2008

Hi, Just my two cents worth, but I went through this same thing with mine
last fall, the reason it starts with the either is it fires from the
compression, not the spark, mine seemed to run after help from the either, I
think it just rattled the sensor enough to make it start working again. I
ended up having a faulty reference sensor, also switching the wires will not
work, only one of them monitors for the TDC pin, the other monitors the
teeth on the flywheel for RPM's. The cold water thing did not work on mine
either. Also as a side note I used a very long(18"+) 1/4 drive extension and
universal to remove the bolts, it saved a lot of headache, I went between
the bolt on suspension components and the sub frame. 

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Hey, thanks for all the input...Interesting also, is when I said  
there were "no fault codes", I should have said it only blinked 2111,  
which the book says is engine speed sender and is always displayed  
when engine not running and can be ignored.  Well first on the list  
is "foreign material on G28(speed sender)...hmmm like maybe 2 quarts  
of oil got on it, as the first "no start" was that same day while I  
was in Utah.....Anyway, I suppose I will go out and test the sensors  
(which I'm thinking will say OK as I'm positive it will start right  
up), then drive it around, and test again and see what they say(when  
it won't start).  I'm also in luck, as I still haven't replaced the  
combination switch(was waiting till I got the headlight relay thing),  
so the Motronic unit is looking right at me.  The book also says if  
the 2 sensor connectors are reversed, could cause no start, but  
recall some of you switching them, and it worked.  The plugs were  
replaced about 7K ago while in ID with bosch plugs from the dealer,  
and I remember the discussion about the Autolights, but was going to  
have to go to 2 different places to get 8 of them and it was "rush  
hour" in Idaho Falls  ;-).  Wires/caps/rotors/Oxygen?/Fuel filter/Air  
filter were done last fall(5K?)....So I'm off to get some plugs  
first, then will do the sensor tests, and let you know...Sincerely Tom

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