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Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 29 04:50:10 PDT 2008

Those sensors are identical except for the color of their connectors.   Only the gray one (the flywheel tooth one) is available anymore.  I have two of those in each of my two V8s, and I put some black tape on the connector of the one that reads the pin on the engine side of the flywheel.  
  I don't recall there being anything holding the sensors in place other than the heat shield.  The housing the sensors slide into is bolted to the block.
"toml99 at todomundo.com" <toml99 at todomundo.com> wrote:
  Well, I spent my last day of my "waaay too long lack of work issue" 
digging into the car. Took a bit of time, but finally was able to 
access the sensor leads(wished I had a spare connector I could have 
used, but all 7 junkyards are now all gone, and couldn't come up with 
a 3pin connector to make it easier to get the volt meter connected to 
those leads).....Speed sensor appears to be bad...Finally feeling 
quite happy(aside from seeing that the hydraulic fluid/ oil leaks to 
be getting worse and more extensive), spent a half hour removing the 
2 bolts for the heat shield, and when I tried to wipe the goo off the 
sensors, they felt loose. Pulled, and both came right out right 
out....no bolts! The last time anyone might have been in there was @ 
42K when Continental VW/Audi(littleton CO) replaced the tranny/bomb/ 
yet another set of rotors under warranty in 97(heat shield bolts were 
quite hard to remove). I'm sure the bolts could have come loose over 
the years, but seems kinda hard for them to actually fall out behind 
that heatshield.. Confident they were truly sick of seeing this car 
as my ex- girlfriends dad(previous owner) utilized the extended 
warranty to the full extent, and it wouldn't be surprising someone 
just forgot to put the 2 bolts in. So, the crank position sensor 
tested good, but seems like I should just do both while i'm at it. 
German Auto Connection didn't list it in their parts thing, and it 
seems foolish to put in used stuff that's known to fail(new stuff 
never fails.....)))). My local German auto friend has a crank 
position sensor(ignition reference sensor) for $112, but doesn't show 
the speed sensor. Wondering if they are the same sensor(as people 
have swapped connectors). I was broke months ago, and haven't even 
been driving it as it's timing belt time(it was done @ 52K just 
before I got the car), but should take care of this now so it's 
reliably moveable, so I can get the money together for the timing 
belt/hydraulic hose/now looks like abs box is leaking, etc. Then 
there's that nagging torn rack boot, which I'd planned to do in 
conjuction with all the tie-rods/bearings/alighnment. Oh, and 
there's a very minor drip from the brake pedal(booster) which is also 
on the list. I still will keep this car forever,against by better 
judgment, and when it finally dies, will make a sculpture/water 
fountain out of it and dye the water blue/gold and not everyone will 
get it.....Tom
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