[V8] PS pump interchange-ablity

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 29 15:12:56 PDT 2008

The V8 PS pump is model specific.  5K, 100, 200 pumps won't fit into the V8 PS pump bracket because they have a slightly different shape to the casting and it won't clear the bracket.  Otherwise, the mounting bolt holes are the same.  I remember thinking, after I'd used my last seal kit on a 200 pump to put it into my leaking V8, that a little grinding on the casting would allow it to fit, but I opted to wait till I could get more seals to redo the V8 pump.
J123fs at aol.com wrote:
  Hey all,
Has anyone ever replaced their hydraulic pump on a V8 with one from an 
earlier model, say perhaps from a 86 5000TQ?
I know in principle the pumps work exactly the same, but are the mounting 
holes and bango bolts the same size? 
I would not bother me if the location of the hose inlets and outlets are not 
exactly the same. As long as the mounting holes line up to the brackets to 
the block. Initial eyeballing of pics of new ones seem that they are the same. 
Can anyone confirm?
I have a pump from a 86 TQ that was rear-ended in storage, and I not too 
sure I want to go make the trek and dig through 50 containers to see if I can 
find it if it is not going to work.
Thanks in advance,

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