[V8] Haderzzzzzzzzzzz

Sean cole v8coupe at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 23:41:59 PDT 2008


Because we want more then the lame stock shit.  Why do guys put coil overs
or H&R springs on these cars, for something better.

I have a very cool very different motor which was gotten from this list,
thanks again PASHA.  The 4.2L is amazing it pulls hard and just wants more,
but it losses steam right where it should not.  The reason is because of the
stupid headers and restrictive intake.  The DTM cars had huge power in 92
tipping the scales at 470HP out of the 3.6L.  That is 130.6HP/L which on a
4.2L would yield 550Hp so you can only guess that the headers and intake do
something.  Am I saying these are the solve all solution for everyone? NO.
Most of you on here are fine with what you have, Ron and myself however are
crazy.  Sorry Ron, it's as plan as it can be.   The stock headers are not
even that great, yes they are better then a cast log manifold, but they lack
2.5" collectors which is what the rest of the system is (size wise) and the
headers are super thick wall steel that isn't coated (granted it's some form
of chrome steel as it resists rust quite well, and welds really nicely).

The headers I have designed are loosely based on the DTM headers, but since
there is no way from the few pictures I have to figure out exact lengths
these will have to do.  I have them equal length with a tuned length of 26"
that would put the headers working in the 4500-6k range verse the stocks
3-5k range.  I'm not saying for what they are the stock headers are bad, but
these are just BETTER!  The tubing is 1.75" since these are going to be
installed on a 4.2L with ported heads, and most likely cams.  The down pipes
into the x-over pipe is 3" which might seem large, but reducing down to 2.5"
with the 4 1.75" runners is just to sharp of a collector angle since the
collector is only 2" long.  The Down pipes run straight down from the back
of the motor, by the distributor and exit just aft of the front subframe and
just in front of the cv joints.  Space is limited in these cars and these
headers are not going to be something every one wants, and frankly few need.

The goal was to build something better for a limited few who are building
really powerful motors.  Now at this point the only people I know that were
even interested were Me (DUH I designed these), Ron (brain child and picture
supplier), and Mark W.  That is all so far, and all 3 of us have 4.2L
engines, and will have cams and port work (Well Ron will I assume, and I'm
still working on funding for my cams).

Thought I should chime in,
90/92 v8q smelting pot project.

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