[V8] Stick a fork in the V8 I am done ;-)

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 4 18:25:10 PDT 2008

If you take out the air plumbing and remove the electric fan, then pull off the pulley, you can wiggle out the pump.
  I've done it that way several times.  Others report taking off the driver side timing belt cover helps considerably.  That'll be what I do next time, which may be in a week or so.

Greg Furstenwerth <slicerdicer at mac.com> wrote:
  I guess my main question is how do you get access to the pump?

Ed Kellock wrote:
> There are several x-caps on the pump. If you're lucky and it's not one
> that's covered (that's about all BUT one) then you'll need a sorta special
> tool that is kind of like a very large common screwdriver that is a socket.
> I believe they're called impact drivers. The official torque on the caps is
> not great, but if it hasn't been off in a long while or if it's been off and
> overtorqued, it may take some patience. I pulled the pump to replace the
> o-ring on mine the first time and paid the price in that I found the
> mounting bolts for the pump, actually the holes they bolt into, were
> stripped. I got it back together okay and then had to replace the o-ring
> again (my fault). I did not want to disturb the mounting bolts again so I
> did it while on the car. 
> Ed

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