[V8] 92 Audi V8 magic windows

Tue Aug 5 05:26:57 PDT 2008

I'm with you Steve.

I remember this from installing my alarm/remote start system. In short, 
There is a
single wire that locks your doors and unlocks them. It works via negitive 
puleses. Single negitive pules locks them, Double  negitive pulse unlocks 
I am willing to bet money that this wire is grouding out totaly (constant 
negitive pulse) causing the windows to roll up. This is what happens when 
you turn your key all the way clock wise.  If memory serve me correctly,it 
should be a grn/yelw wire. check your door jams for this wire.

FYI,you can use this feature to roll your windows up when you arm you car by 
adding a diode protected  aux neg pulse from the aftermarket alarm.

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That sounds like a malfunction of the "comfort features" ... not sure how it
works on the '92, but on my '91 if you hold the door lock in the lock
position for a few seconds it will roll up the windows and close the

Steve B
San José, CA (USA)

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I appriciate all your help, bending 281 Relay pin "K" worked!  Man, am I
glad that noise/warning light is gone.  Any ideas of why the windows would
go up on their own when the engine is off and the key is out of the
ignition?  Todd

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