[V8] Overkill Hydraulic pump?

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 5 06:06:51 PDT 2008

Your hydraulic system does not supply fluid to the brake calipers.  There are two separate fluid systems here.  
  You have the standard hydraulic braking system that uses DOT 4 brake fluid that's supplied through the small, round reservoir sitting on top of the brake master cylinder.
  Then there's the hydraulic boosting system that uses (by Audi spec) Pentosin CHF llS in the square reservoir beside the driver fender.  This is the system that gives you "power" brakes and "power" steering and incorporates the pump. 
  The only connection between the hydraulic "power" system and the hydraulic brake system is the booster to which the brake master cylinder is mounted.  The fluids don't interconnect, but the "power" system boosts the action of your foot on the brake pedal in the operation of the hydraulic brake system.
  I'd guess it would be cheaper to fix the problems you're having appropriately than to try to alter the system's performance.

"toml99 at todomundo.com" <toml99 at todomundo.com> wrote:
  Hey, just was pondering my/everyone's hydraulic problems, and was 
wondering if anyone's tried to lower the pressure in the lines(pump 
is rated higher than many, and was wondering if a lower flow might 
just work fine/leak half as much. I was @ the Commercial fish/boat 
place today and was walking down the Hydraulic isle and saw a bunch 
of valves/gauges that I almost bought I'm getting ready to refill 
the system on the 93, and as all the hoses weep/leak, and the rack 
leaks/pisses, was wondering if I could put a valve in to slow the 
flow/hemorage, and still have proper steering/brake......wondering 
if anyone's done it......This whole line of thought started as a Audi 
tech told me the"new" pump was just too much for the 
"system".......All I want to do is drive the beast and see if I can't 
live without it/hemorage another $2000 into car #2.....(it needs a 
bunch, but it runs/idles perfect).....Who's restricted the flow,and 
how much?........Thought putting a Hydraulic valve/gauge might be a 
good idea while empty . Reason brake system was empty(unknown 
previous), was rt rear hose was severed(completely).....was planning 
to order it, but Schucks had an option that was $9.80?Beck- 
Arnley.....it it fits, and it worthy, will buy all 4 as they're all 
cracked ., will post as it will show up WED, and the front's were 
CHEEP also......Willing to use the 93 as a guinea pig for 
anything.....Just want to drive it..... I 

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