[V8] Stick a fork in the V8 I am done ;-)

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at mac.com
Tue Aug 5 04:38:58 PDT 2008

Dave there is slight problem... I am trying to get this done and the V8 
is my only vehicle... I would otherwise rebuild the hoses and so forth..

I am working on getting another car.. Once I got that done I can be a 
bit more flexible with my repairs :)

Dave Saad wrote:
> If I was me (and I am), I would remove the pump from the car, and fix  
> or have it fixed right the first time.  It is not that hard to get  
> the pump off the motor, and in the long run you save time.  As I  
> recall, you need to remove anything that is in your way - like the  
> oil tank, heat shield, air snorkel, or whatever.  I always find it is  
> easier to get things out of my way than to fight it.  While you are  
> in this far, if you were me, you would seriously consider removing  
> all the power steering hoses and sending them to Spokane Hose for  
> rebuild. For me this meant removing the ignition coils, and whatever  
> else was in the way.  Now with such easy access to the steering rack,  
> I would also remove it and replace the boot that is almost certainly  
> torn and allowing dirt to accumulate and causing the shafts/seals to  
> fail.  Once done with this rather painful procedure, I would install  
> an inline oil filter in the rack return line and then keep my fingers  
> crossed that when they finally tow grandpas old antique Audi with the  
> funny gasoline burning motor in it to the boneyard, it will not be  
> leaking any hydraulic oil.  Refill the system with Chevron RYKON 32  
> oil, and flush the system a few times in the first year after you do  
> all of this work - you will have 5 gallons of oil to use up anyway.   
> Eventually, the oil will run clear.  I did not take my own advice and  
> ended up doing this in about three steps.  We know for certain that  
> the hoses and pump are going to start leaking, and the rack boot is  
> going to tear.  May as well just face it and do the repair once.   
> Depending on what you do to the pump, this whole thing should cost  
> less than $300 (and a lot of time).
> Dave
> On Aug 4, 2008, at 10:46 PM, Ed Kellock wrote:

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