[V8] Headlight question

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 09:33:32 PDT 2008

Possibly because the dealer-installed ones did not include relays?

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> I have had four Audis with European headlights.  The first 
> one was an '89 Avant, the second the '93 V8 that eventually 
> became the legendary (?) Gentleman's Express, and the third 
> was The Old Gray Mare, that was my Dad's former front wheel 
> drive 100.  My wife's C-4 Avant also has European headlights.
> The Avant's headlights were installed for me by the dealer, 
> and the V8's headlights were installed by my current wrench.  
> In both cases neither installation triggered the bulb alarm.  
> Both installations relayed both high and low beams 
> separately, and I think the Avant used four relays.
> The 100 installation involved simpler European headlights 
> using just an H4 bulb.  I did the installation relaying both 
> headlights' high and low beams separately...four relays.  The 
> bulb alarm always came on whenever low beams were selected.
> My wife's C-4 Avant has the same issue, and her headlights 
> were installed by the wrench.  
> Question: why was it that the '89 Avant and '93 V8 had no 
> trouble accepting the European headlight conversion with the 
> bulb monitor working properly, but the other cars don't?
> Now with the "new" V8, I am probably not going to even think 
> about Euros as the headlights seem adequate, and I am not 
> planning on doing a lot of night driving anyway.  That may 
> change as we move further into fall, but I now know how to 
> neutralize the buzzer and light warning.
> Incidentally, my wife likes to see the little bulb warning, 
> and dosen't want it "fixed".  Wimmen!
> Roger
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