[V8] Source for CV joint

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Thu Aug 7 20:53:34 PDT 2008

Hey, well I got the hydraulic pump in the pearl 93(DOTC) and had a  
brutal time getting the belt on as the previous owner's tool kit  
appeared to be his grandpa's crescent wrench and a vice grip.....many  
rounded fasteners, including the tensioner bolt for serpentine  
belt.....just couldn't get anything on it(including the K-D  
serpentine belt tool kit that was given to me with my car)....finally  
got it wrapped everywhere but the idler pulley on driver's side, and  
pulled on the belt from below and got it on.  Car starts right up/ 
idles great,runs cool,ran it for about an hour occasionally turning  
the wheel side to side, and no major hemorage from the rack(no leaks  
at all from the used pump(thanks again ron)....tried to install the  
new rear brake hose, but the flare nut has also seen the likes of a  
vice grip.  The only other major thing that seems obvious is the  
drivers outer cv boot is torn/has been for some time, and makes a  
racket not only turning, but constantly.  I can find the boot, but  
can't seem to find the joint.  My book say's "Do not repair"  
regarding axle...just wondering if it's simply not available.  Still  
just trying to get this on the highway to see if I want to spend any  
money on it... Also, has anyone figured out a way to "search" the  
archives.....I've never downloaded the text, but was wondering if  
there's a way to download all the old archives, and make it searchable?

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