[V8] Stick a fork in the V8 I am done ;-)

Greg Furstenwerth slicerdicer at mac.com
Fri Aug 8 06:41:42 PDT 2008

Well its no wonder it was leaking, The valve cover gaskets were like 
hard plastic. They are replaced and it is no longer leaking oil anymore. 
It also is no longer leaking pentosin.

Now on to find the whine sound...

Tony and Lillie wrote:
> Well, I can't say that I blame you, but be prepared for the same 
> engineering and maintenance as the V8, plus some :)
> I can't say that I like a boring car, and don't personally own one. 
> However, I do definately see the reason for owning one, on the logical 
> side. But, to each their own.
> Don't say you weren't warned ;-)
> Tony
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>> I am actually doing punishment. I am getting a A8, I figure it would be
>> nice to have.  I cannot have a boring backup car its not in my blood.
>> Once owned a Audi I cannot have a craptacular car it just does not work
>> that way :)

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