[V8] Bellingham House of Hose...

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Fri Aug 8 23:08:16 PDT 2008

Well that's not their real name, but today after realizing that the  
$9 hose from Shucks had 2 female ends, I stopped by Western Fluid  
Components(who for some reason aren't listed under "hydraulic " in  
the book) to find an adapter, and the young woman there whipped me  
out a new hose in 5 minutes for $20.  Would have had them do them  
all, but am trying to touch/strip/break as little as possible on this  
"parts car" till I got to drive it.  Was able to vice-grip the  
damaged line to the new hose, and had spent half of yesterday getting  
the rounded bleeder screw out.  Went to bleed left rear and the photo  
says it all.  Can't bleed without a pad in there....No wonder it was  
making some bad noises....Now being a salt water boat/trailer owner,  
I'm confident that this car's been on the beach/in some salt water.   
I recall a few years back seeing a pearl v8 on Utube doing donuts in  
the sand and I thought..that looks like the washington/oregon  
coast......hmmmmm...anyway threw the new cheap pads I traded shucks  
for the hose in.....calipers were rusty, but piston went right in(car  
had a brand new ebrake cable, probably because it was frozen from  
corrosion), and it's a runner.  For that matter, the whole rear end  
looks new. Rotors look horrible, but it stops quick/straight...  
Cleaned/.Lubed up CV and duct-taped torn boot, and it's much quieter 
(might just remove/clean/boot kit).  It's officially not a parts car  
at this point.  I"m into it about $700 now and plan to flush the  
tranny/do the front end at this point.  After comparing the TB on my  
'90(due now) to this one, it looks basically new(can even see some  
clean grease on the clean cam seal)....went to the tire junkyard and  
got a Michelin MXV4 from '04 that must have been someone's spare to  
fix the one with the blown out sidewall($20 balanced).  Well here we  
go....Sincerely Tom        http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc268/ 

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