[V8] How many is too many

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 09:14:41 PDT 2008

Thanks Ingo.  The V8 was at Champagne and I left my urq with him to go
through the front suspension.  I had it looked at locally and the guy htere
said everything looked good, but it drove like a cattle cart this weekend so
something's not right.  Nevertheless, I loved driving it.  We left the track
event Sunday a bit early and went up to Aspen for lunch, then over
Independence Pass.  That is one helluva road.  Very nice.  Gorgeous scenery.
Definitely worth doing if you're in the area.

The tires on the 94 are 225/50-17 which are only 3% too larger which is only
2mph at 75 so I make hang on to those and just sell the wheels.  I
definitely do not care for the wheels.  The BBS 16's are going today.
That's give me a chance to check the brakes, etc.  I'm also going to pull
the driver's side timing belt cover to have a quick look.  The last time the
timing belt was done was in 98 at about 47k miles, which puts it at 10 years
and 78k miles.  Either way you look at it, it's time.

Did Audi revise the t-belt interval to 60k in ALL years?

It's got an issue with the a/c, the slightest bit of throttle causes it to
change vents and blow hot air.  Larry referred to the C4 cars with the same
CC system and said there's a check valve that can be added (or replaced?)
that causes that.  I was able to drive it very gingerly on the way home and
keep it cool inside.  Also got nearly 25 mpg as a result.  Check engine
light is on too.  Time to hook up my new toy that I bought months ago and
haven't touched.  Only other thing I know of so far is the cruise control
doesn't work.  

Oh yeah, the headliner in this thing is spotless and the nets on the back of
the front seats are tight.   The steering wheel feels thicker than any of my
others.  It's nice.  


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> Congrats, Ed!  Wow, you really did have a maaavelous weekend with  
> Urq25 and your new acquisition.  Congrats on the new job, too.  I  
> always wanted a V8 that color.  Didn't realize that one could order  
> special colors in the US.  Guess they took the idea from porsche.
> Ingo
> On Aug 12, 2008, at 11:46 AM, Ed Kellock wrote:
> > I agree and had a conversation about that with the seller, 
> a Quattro 
> > dealer/service business in Denver.  I am considering storing this
> > car more
> > than driving it for a while.  I doubt that I'll be able to 
> do that in
> > reality however.
> >
> > The only thing that would make this car absolutely perfect is if it
> > had
> > black interior.  It is grey.  The silver/grey combo is a bit less  
> > stunning,
> > but it actually still smells new inside, even in the trunk, at  
> > least as
> > close to new as I can remember, so I really hesitate to do 
> anything  
> > about
> > the interior, like a full swap with my black car.  Crazy talk.
> >
> > Ed
> >
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> >>
> >> Over the top, Ed.  But a '94!  Congratulations!  I too saw 
> this car 
> >> on Cars.com and pondered about it about as long as I could before 
> >> reality set in, and I realized that two V8's right now are 
> too many 
> >> for me.
> >>
> >> But I have been thinking about doing what you have done so that my 
> >> "next" car can be another V8.
> >>
> >> And it really isn't insane considering that there isn't 
> anything else 
> >> being made today that is as nice, imho!
> >>
> >> Roger
> >>
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