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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 14:48:41 PDT 2008

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--- On Thu, 8/14/08, Seamus O'Carey <cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com> wrote:

> First of all, the "ABS OFF" light stays on
> continually.  I hit the ABS
> button, but it doesn't seem to do anything.  In fact,
> none of those buttons
> do anything.  I noticed last night that the lights behind
> the buttons were
> on, but I pressed one of them and the light went out and
> would only come
> back on if I turned the car off and back on.

 Check the fuse in the relay.

> The CAT light flashes constantly.  I'm guessing that
> means the catalytic
> converter is bad and I'll probably need a new O2 sensor
> as well  (the car
> was missing the owner's manual).

 Two cats. The V8's have two cats. But,
the CAT light flashing as you noted is not good. I'd remove them & clear out the honeycomb inside them.

> The AIRBAG light is usually on.  I have no idea what this
> means.

 Prolly cause the battery went dead @ some point.

> The CHECK ENGINE light sometimes comes on when I'm
> idling, but I can make it
> go out just by hitting the gas.  I figure it probably has
> something to do
> with either the problem with the cat or the PS pump.

 Only sure way to know is to pull the codes. But could be the TPS.

> The thing that concerns me the most is there seems to be an
> almost grinding
> noise from underneath the car upon acceleration.  It's
> not constant and
> sometimes it doesn't do it at all.  I'm hoping
> maybe a driveline bearing or
> u-joint or something.  I'm hoping it's not the
> transmission.
 You gotta be more specific than that.

> I think that's pretty much everything.  I figure for
> $850, though, I'm still
> not doing too badly.  If I have to I figure I can sell the
> interior and the
> engine/drivetrain for what I have into it so far and still
> break even.  I
> was also considering maybe buying that grey manual V8
> someone posted about
> yesterday, then swapping my black interior into it so I can
> just sell my
> pearl with grey interior. Grey with black interior would be
> sweet! =D

 I posted that Grey/Grey 90 5sp. Tahts a VERY rare car & prolly would be best if it went to someone who knows these cars.

> By the way, do these cars come with headers from the
> factory?  This car
> appears to be completely stock, so I was surprised to not
> see clean,
> individual tubes instead of rusty cast iron exhaust
> manifolds.

 The exhaust mani's are stock.



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