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Thu Aug 14 19:58:13 PDT 2008

Hi Kneale and Seamus....
Read this thread after work today.
Kneale, I think your 90k estimate for the belt is generous.  Ours snapped at 77k, which ultimately led to the replacement of the engine.  I agree on your braking advice.
Seamus, your description of the hydraulic system makes me suspicious.   There are many uninformed people out there who put regular power steering fluid in the hydraulic system, which has the effect of destroying seals and causing it to leak like a sieve.  If yours is leaking from more than one spot, I'ld suspect someone put in power steering fluid--be prepared to rebuild the entire system.
As for that gorgeous Titanium gray 5spd, it's mine and it's still for sale. ;)   I feel similar to Ron about how special the car is, but unfortunately it doesn't seem that many out there know what it is.  I can tell you this, the driving experience for a 5spd is completely different than an automatic and in my opinion the 5spd is far more enjoyable, less complicated and more reliable than the slush box cars (one less computer I think).  The sound of the 3.6 revving to 6500 is hard to beat.
Bill> Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 19:27:01 -0700> From: knealeski at sbcglobal.net> To: cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com; V8 at audifans.com> Subject: Re: [V8] the new guy> > ABS relies on the braking system being boosted by the hydraulics system (power steering pump supplies the brake pressure accumulator and the brake booster, as well as the steering rack). If there is inadequate pressure, the ABS is disabled.> > You shouldn't be driving this heavy, fast car with inadequate braking. > > Have you determined when the timing belt was serviced last? It should be replaced every 90K miles or about 5-6 years. Lots of expensive damage to the engine can occur if it lets loose, especially at 5-6000 RPM.> > Seamus O'Carey <cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com> wrote:> As far as the ABS, can someone explain the relationship the ABS has with the> power steering? Like I mentioned before, the PS pump is shot and leaks like> crazy (I have another one, I just have to get the time to swap it) and when> the fluid gets low, the ABS stops working and the brakes become very stiff.> They still work, but it makes it feel like the car weighs about 4 times as> much (I know I have to fix this soon. Pentosin is expensive! >< )> > _______________________________________________> Audifans V8 mailing list> Send posts to: mailto:V8 at audifans.com> Manage your list connection: http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/v8> > You can help keep the audifans site running by shopping at http://audifans.com/shop/> 

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