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Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 15 05:30:19 PDT 2008

Nice to see you commenting Bill. I remember the 1st time I seen your car FS on AF I had to call you. It was like dejavue seeing your car & then looking out the window of my house & seeing that same exact car in my driveway. Truley a wonderfull car you have sir!

 Seamus, as Kneale noted a t-belt would be in order, going over the car will suredley revieal more issues. If the guy filled a hole in in the body work with RTV I think you said..... then you can rest assure there will be more issues.
 Ultamatley the descission is yours... but I think you should cut your losses & get Bill's car! He had mentioned in his ad he had a lot of the big ticket items all ready addressed. & as mentioned.... Bill's an Audi guy! Knows what it takes to keep such a rare, fine car such as his running the way it should. & if he truley has no time to drive the car... it's better off with someone who will drive it. Cause these cars do not like to sit.
 As Bill noted the difference between driving a Auto V8 VS's a 5sp V8 is night & day. There is no compairison what so ever! I could type all day long on why the 5sp is just "the bee's knees"... (rite Dave C ;-) While mine was "normal"... before all the work was done..... I knew that selling my babey a Pearl 90 V8 Auto was the best thing cause the car would have just sat not being driven cause of the 5sp.
 I say call Bill & talk to him. You should buy his car if you can!

 & I you mentioned being in WA.... I know a few people out that way. Maybe you knoe Derek W? He's a resource for V8 parts that's on your Coast. For new parts I recomend Bruce @ Germanautoconnection in VA.... or Kristian @ VMAutohaus in Barnabey, BC.

 I all so seen you mention the ABT chip. It is simpley GREAT! I got one from Scott a while back when he 1st got it. I put it in my 5sp & it woke it up for sure! One thing on that chip is it WILL require your car to be running in tip top shape!
 The reported 30'ish more HP is no lie!

 But in anyevent good luck.

 Ron MIT 5sp 4.2

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> Subject: Re: [V8] the new guy
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> Date: Friday, August 15, 2008, 1:34 AM
> Hard to comment on value.  Some people fall in love with a
> car and spend way over what it is prudent to keep it going. 
> Not saying that is what you are doing, but value is very
> personal.  The amounts you're talking about are not a
> trifle, but less than one you'ld pay on a down payment
> for the cheapest econobox out there now.  If you can get a
> good running car with that investment, it certainly can be
> worth it.
> As for your comment, "Plus it probably needs far less
> work than the one I already have."  I can assure you my
> 5spd has none of the problems you're facing outside of
> the droopy headliner.  I'ld use it as a daily driver if
> I didn't have an A8L and I didn't have to commute in
> San Francisco traffic each day.  It's as reliable as my
> A8L, without the lingering fear that my auto trans is going
> to crap out on me sometime in the near future.  ;)
> Good luck, 
> Bill  
> > Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 22:12:39 -0700> From:
> cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com> To: v8 at audifans.com>
> Subject: Re: [V8] the new guy> > Yeah, I figured
> I'd probably do the timing belt just to be safe since i
> have> no way of knowing if it's ever been done (often
> shops will write the mileage> on the timing cover
> somewhere). And I remember reading somewhere that the>
> original estimate was 90k, but was revised to 60k. Trust me,
> after owning a> Corrado for 8 years, I'm definitely
> used to researching.> > II haven't had a chance
> yet to see all where it's leaking from, but I agree>
> that someone probably put in regular "red" power
> steering fluid at some> point.> > From what
> I've ready so far, I've already gotten pretty
> excited about owning> this car, even with all the
> problems. However, I like the grey (Titanium)> color so
> much more and the 5spd just makes it that much better. Plus
> it> probably needs far less work than the one I already
> have.> > From what I've described so far, does it
> sound like the $850 price tag on> mine worth it? I'm
> about $1400 into it so far ($850 to purchase, $350 in>
> parts, $100 for a shop to look at it, $100 title transfer).
> Should I keep> fixing it, or should I just part it and
> start over with a better one?> > On Thu, Aug 14, 2008
> at 8:06 PM, Kneale Brownson
> <knealeski at sbcglobal.net>wrote:> > > Right. I
> meant to say that while Audi originally listed 90K miles for
> belt> > change, the concensus is it should be 60K.>
> >> > *lundabo at msn.com* wrote:> >> > Hi
> Kneale and Seamus....> >> > Read this thread
> after work today.> >> > Kneale, I think your 90k
> estimate for the belt is generous. Ours snapped> > at
> 77k, which ultimately led to the replacement of the engine.
> I agree on> > your braking advice.> >>
> >> >>
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