[V8] timing belts

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
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Why was the 4.2 revised to 75K instead of the 60K?

 & Roger, I've all ways wanted to meet up with you. Were not that far away from each other.
 I'd let you take my 5sp for a ride. Which has been dubbed "Black Betty" Mine might not be your cup of tea though. 5sp 4.2 with race car suspension & more stopping power than I know what to do with :-)

 A Black on Tav popped up in Syaracuse, NY for cheap $$$$$ :-)


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> I am surprised that mega people haven't said this.
> Originally when introduced, the V8 timing belt service
> interval was 90,000
> miles.  But Audi replaced a bunch of engines in the 1989
> and 90 V8's and
> dropped the interval to 60,000.  
> When the 4.2 litre engine was introduced in 1992, Audi
> changed the interval
> for the larger engine to 75,000 miles.
> But it is also supposedly written somewhere that there is a
> time element
> too, and that time element is 5 years.
> In my "new" '90 V8, when we pulled the covers
> we discovered that the timing
> belt looked fine.  That meant that the timing belt was 18
> years old and had
> accumulated around 62,000 miles.  While it looked fine, it
> was obviously old
> and rubbery.  The mechanic and I agreed that an immediate
> replacement was
> needed, and performed. We were not concerned about the belt
> braking, but
> were concerned that it might be getting "rubbery"
> enough to jump a cog or
> two.
> Roger
> P.S.  All this discussion about five speeds has made me
> think that I need to
> drive a five speed some day.  Never have driven a five
> speed V8....but then,
> musing about this last night made me think that I would
> really like to find
> that very nice '91 Avant and have another one of those.
>  Either way, my wife
> would kill me. She has already informed me that in our new
> home the garage
> will NOT be larger than her kitchen....
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