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 Hi Seamus,

Rule #1 of owning an Audi V8 Quattro : It will never be worth what you put into it in dollars.? Driving grins are a completely different currency :)

There is a ton of useful info on the semi-completed Wiki http://www.audifans.com/kb/Special:Categories

There are also a ton of useful links there to parts suppliers - I got my timing belt parts and a lot of other stuff (valve cover gaskets, etc...) from SJM.? You'll also be happy to know that LOTS of V8 owners use Spokane Hose for their hydraulic rebuilds so you're closer than most of us :)

 Good luck and welcome to the madness.? If you need any reassurance, just wait for Roger to post his musings on why you should own a V8.


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    Yeah, I figured I'd probably do the timing belt just to be safe since i have  no way of knowing if it's ever been done (often shops will write the mileage  on the timing cover somewhere).  And I remember reading somewhere that the  original estimate was 90k, but was revised to 60k.  Trust me, after owning a  Corrado for 8 years, I'm definitely used to researching.    II haven't had a chance yet to see all where it's leaking from, but I agree  that someone probably put in regular "red" power steering fluid at some  point.    From what I've ready so far, I've already gotten pretty excited about owning  this car, even with all the problems.  However, I like the grey (Titanium)  color so much more and the 5spd just makes it that much better.  Plus it  probably needs far less work than the one I already have.    From what I've described so far, does it sound like the $850 price tag on  mine worth it?  I'm about $1400 into it so far ($850 to purchase, $350 in  parts, $100 for a shop to look at it, $100 title transfer).  Should I keep  fixing it, or should I just part it and start over with a better one?    On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 8:06 PM, Kneale Brownson <knealeski at sbcglobal.net>wrote:    > Right.  I meant to say that while Audi originally listed 90K miles for belt  > change, the concensus is it should be 60K.  >  > *lundabo at msn.com* wrote:  >  > Hi Kneale and Seamus....  >  > Read this thread after work today.  >  > Kneale, I think your 90k estimate for the belt is generous.  Ours snapped  > at 77k, which ultimately led to the replacement of the engine.  I agree on  > your braking advice.  >  >  >  _______________________________________________  Audifans V8 mailing list  Send posts to: mailto:V8 at audifans.com  Manage your list connection: http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/v8    You can help keep the audifans site running by shopping at http://audifans.com/shop/      

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