[V8] timing belts

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On my "new" 94, the belt is about 10 years and 76k miles old.  The back of
it has very small cracks like weather checking on tires.  When I checked it,
the belt was very loose on the driver's side cam gear, so much so that I
could have slipped it off if I tried.  Another section of the belt was snug
though.  It made me very uncomfortable with driving it much at all.  I'll be
doing the belt asap.


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> I am surprised that mega people haven't said this.
> Originally when introduced, the V8 timing belt service 
> interval was 90,000 miles.  But Audi replaced a bunch of 
> engines in the 1989 and 90 V8's and dropped the interval to 60,000.  
> When the 4.2 litre engine was introduced in 1992, Audi 
> changed the interval for the larger engine to 75,000 miles.
> But it is also supposedly written somewhere that there is a 
> time element too, and that time element is 5 years.
> In my "new" '90 V8, when we pulled the covers we discovered 
> that the timing belt looked fine.  That meant that the timing 
> belt was 18 years old and had accumulated around 62,000 
> miles.  While it looked fine, it was obviously old and 
> rubbery.  The mechanic and I agreed that an immediate 
> replacement was needed, and performed. We were not concerned 
> about the belt braking, but were concerned that it might be 
> getting "rubbery" enough to jump a cog or two.
> Roger
> P.S.  All this discussion about five speeds has made me think 
> that I need to drive a five speed some day.  Never have 
> driven a five speed V8....but then, musing about this last 
> night made me think that I would really like to find that 
> very nice '91 Avant and have another one of those.  Either 
> way, my wife would kill me. She has already informed me that 
> in our new home the garage will NOT be larger than her kitchen....
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