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I have to chime in here.  I've been mixing in some Mobil 1 ATF in a couple
of mine and the leaks have slowed if not stopped.  I read about this
somewhere and checked with whomever it was posting and developed enough
confidence to try it.  It's been about 2 years and I have no concern about
it now.


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> now the other side of the Story, FWIW..........
> now I know the purist in the V8 crowd are going to get there 
> nose out of joint, but ATF transmission fluid works fine in 
> the Audi Hydraulic system ... After reading up on the 
> properties of both fluids I came to the conclusion that it 
> was okay to use.These two fluids can be mixed . How many of 
> you guys run with synthetic oil in you car ? so what is wrong 
> with using synthetic hydraulic oil . When my 5000 qt sprung a 
> leak in the PS system I put ATF in and it stopped leaking , 
> that was 6 years ago :-) and I'm still driving the car .  > 
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> [V8] the new guy> > Yeah, I figured I'd probably do the 
> timing belt just to be safe since i have> no way of knowing 
> if it's ever been done (often shops will write the mileage> 
> on the timing cover somewhere). And I remember reading 
> somewhere that the> original estimate was 90k, but was 
> revised to 60k. Trust me, after owning a> Corrado for 8 
> years, I'm definitely used to researching.> > II haven't had 
> a chance yet to see all where it's leaking from, but I agree> 
> that someone probably put in regular "red" power steering 
> fluid at some> point.> > From what I've ready so far, I've 
> already gotten pretty excited about owning> this car, even 
> with all the problems. However, I like the grey (Titanium)> 
> color so much more and the 5spd just makes it that much 
> better. Plus it> probably needs far less work than the one I 
> already have.> > From what I've described so far, does it 
> sound like the $850 price tag on> mine worth it? I'm about 
> $1400 into it so far ($850 to purchase, $350 in> parts, $100 
> for a shop to look at it, $100 title transfer). Should I 
> keep> fixing it, or should I just part it and start over with 
> a better one?> > On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 8:06 PM, Kneale 
> Brownson <knealeski at sbcglobal.net>wrote:> > > Right. I meant 
> to say that while Audi originally listed 90K miles for belt> 
> > change, the concensus is it should be 60K.> >> > 
> *lundabo at msn.com* wrote:> >> > Hi Kneale and Seamus....> >> > 
> Read this thread after work today.> >> > Kneale, I think your 
> 90k estimate for the belt is generous. Ours snapped> > at 
> 77k, which ultimately led to the replacement of the engine. I 
> agree on> > your braking advice.> >> >> >> 
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