[V8] Selling the '93!

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Fri Aug 15 12:50:25 PDT 2008

Ed, Ed, Ed:  are you SERIOUSLY thinking that you might sell your '93 4.2
car.  That was the black/black car that floated around Los Angeles for a
year of so, and seemed soooo nice, but for the set down suspension or was it
wheels, and the too dark for Maine tinting on the windows, wasn't that the

Ed, Ed, ED, now take a deep breath.

You are getting sound just like another lister not long ago.  Lessee, his
name was, ah, ah, ah.........Roger!  Yes, that's the guy!

And look what happened to him!

Pablo Picatso

(P.S.  I am a Maine Coon Cat who lives in Roger's house. I was named because
I used to work in an art gallery, and if Picasso painted a Maine Coon Cat
and got his eyes in the right place, it would probably look like me.  But I
digress....I have LIVED through ALL of Roger's permutations about V8's even
for longer than his wife who came here after me.  I know, therefore, about
that which I speak!"

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