[V8] Selling the '93!

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 12:53:47 PDT 2008


I know, crazy talk.  Must be the drastic change in the weather today.  It's
in the mid 50's and grey and damp and I LOVE IT.  We've had upper 80's and
mid 90's and no rain for 4-6 weeks.

I'll take my sanity pill and be right as rain in time for Happy Hour.


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> Ed, Ed, Ed:  are you SERIOUSLY thinking that you might sell 
> your '93 4.2 car.  That was the black/black car that floated 
> around Los Angeles for a year of so, and seemed soooo nice, 
> but for the set down suspension or was it wheels, and the too 
> dark for Maine tinting on the windows, wasn't that the one?
> Ed, Ed, ED, now take a deep breath.
> You are getting sound just like another lister not long ago.  
> Lessee, his name was, ah, ah, ah.........Roger!  Yes, that's the guy!
> And look what happened to him!
> Pablo Picatso
> (P.S.  I am a Maine Coon Cat who lives in Roger's house. I 
> was named because I used to work in an art gallery, and if 
> Picasso painted a Maine Coon Cat and got his eyes in the 
> right place, it would probably look like me.  But I 
> digress....I have LIVED through ALL of Roger's permutations 
> about V8's even for longer than his wife who came here after 
> me.  I know, therefore, about that which I speak!"
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