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I don't think you can get the pump out from below.  It might be a tad easier to undo the bolts at the back of the pump from below, but I think it has to come out and up to remove.
  If you remove the ribbed belt,  pull the air supply horn, unfasten the electric fan and lay it over by the hydraulic reservoir, take off the driver side of the timing belt cover, remove the bolts at the back of the pump and at the front, you should be able to wiggle it out with the pulley on it.   

Seamus O'Carey <cheshirecatsbox at gmail.com> wrote:
  I think the ABS issue has something to do with the failing hydraulic pump.
I have another pump sitting here, I just have to get my hands on a manual so
I can know how best to swap it out. Most likely I'll fix the pump, then
sell this V8 and buy one with less worries (ie a certain Titanium grey

That describes the issue pretty well. When I get it off the ground to do
the hydraulic pump (easier to do from underneath, right?) I'll take a look
at all the mounts as well.

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> Seamus, I"haven't read all the other comments, so I'm not sure what
> everybody else had to say. But, I'm sure they covered most of it (this is a
> very good and experienced group).
> As for the rear brakes, I've only once ever seen that happen so far, and
> I'm a tech for an independent. I saw it years ago on a rabbit, wore through
> the rotors to the vanes, wore the caliper piston off, then finally it fell
> out. WOW!!! Customer said, "they just failed!! Don't know why" My response,
> "At what point should the grinding noise have been your first clue?"
> Sounds like you have an ABS issue. Probably a sensor, that's most common on
> these cars. Do you have a manual, BTW? If not, get one!! It will save you a
> lot of time and frusteration.
> Does that grinding noise come under hard acceleration? And, sound like
> right under the center of the car? If so, I'd be looking at your
> engine/trans mounts. Mine does that, and it's one of the trans mounts that's
> the worst. Of course, being a mechanics car, it stands no chance of getting
> fixed ;-)
> Tony Hoffman
> BTW, where are you located?
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> Subject: [V8] the new guy
> Hey, everyone. I just bought an '90 auto V8 with 119k miles for $850. It
>> has a few issues, but I'm able to drive it. The body and interior are in
>> pretty good shape, except for the headliner was falling down and there are
>> scratches on the hood (looks like they might have been storing boxes on it
>> while they weren't driving it). Nothing I can't fix there, though.
>> I had to rebuild the rear brakes (po had let the pads wear down so
>> completely that it spit the ds caliper piston out) and the PS pump needs
>> to
>> be replaced. I got a ds caliper and a PS pump for about $150 shipped, but
>> it still has a few other issues that thought maybe some of you might have
>> some insight on.
>> First of all, the "ABS OFF" light stays on continually. I hit the ABS
>> button, but it doesn't seem to do anything. In fact, none of those
>> buttons
>> do anything. I noticed last night that the lights behind the buttons were
>> on, but I pressed one of them and the light went out and would only come
>> back on if I turned the car off and back on.
>> The CAT light flashes constantly. I'm guessing that means the catalytic
>> converter is bad and I'll probably need a new O2 sensor as well (the car
>> was missing the owner's manual).
>> The AIRBAG light is usually on. I have no idea what this means.
>> The CHECK ENGINE light sometimes comes on when I'm idling, but I can make
>> it
>> go out just by hitting the gas. I figure it probably has something to do
>> with either the problem with the cat or the PS pump.
>> The thing that concerns me the most is there seems to be an almost
>> grinding
>> noise from underneath the car upon acceleration. It's not constant and
>> sometimes it doesn't do it at all. I'm hoping maybe a driveline bearing
>> or
>> u-joint or something. I'm hoping it's not the transmission.
>> I think that's pretty much everything. I figure for $850, though, I'm
>> still
>> not doing too badly. If I have to I figure I can sell the interior and
>> the
>> engine/drivetrain for what I have into it so far and still break even. I
>> was also considering maybe buying that grey manual V8 someone posted about
>> yesterday, then swapping my black interior into it so I can just sell my
>> pearl with grey interior. Grey with black interior would be sweet! =D
>> By the way, do these cars come with headers from the factory? This car
>> appears to be completely stock, so I was surprised to not see clean,
>> individual tubes instead of rusty cast iron exhaust manifolds.
>> Anyway, I'm open to any thoughts, suggestions, comments, etc...
>> Seamus
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