[V8] The Lago Blue Courtesy phone

Roger Woodbury rmwoodbury at roadrunner.com
Mon Aug 25 13:38:38 PDT 2008

I looked through Audi Fans quickly this noon and saw the 1990 and Avant part
but totally missed the "V8".

Interesting, and pretty cheap all things considered.

But I have too many vehicles in the yard at the moment, and until I get the
utility vehicle situation sorted out I can't even allow my self to
contemplate another Avant.  I hope to blow out the Big Black Truck next
month, and that will help.  But, there is a list....

1)  The Green Horney (100CS) needs a new air bag computer, I fear.  The air
bag light is on all the time, and the car will not pass state inspection in
December without the light out.

2. The Green Horney needs that gizzie switch that sits on top of the
transmission and control the back up lights and all that goes along with
them....the down tilting right side mirror for instance.  Over $400 from
Audi.  I am working on another source.

3.  The Pearl V8 needs to have the soft gear replaced and the ABS controller
replaced, and I am working on that, too.

4.  The Pearl V8 will need to have tires before serious winter, or else be
parked for the winter which is under consideration.  I may just drive The
Runt through the winter and not drive much at all.  Works for me:  let my
wife chauffer me around in The Green Horney.

5.  Then I am contemplating buying a different truck after disposing of The
Big Black Truck. Then disposing of The Runtandplow, and putting a new plow
on the new(er) truck.  I have also thought about just using the snow
blower...all that walking will be good exercise, doncha think?

Besides. IF and when I do find another Avant, I will want another '91 20
Valve, and those are getting like hen's teeth.

Sigh.  So many vehicles so little time!


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