[V8] The Lago Blue Courtesy phone

Ron Wainwright ron_01056 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 25 13:43:46 PDT 2008

Give me a mail Roger... I still have those parts sitting here for you.


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> Date: Monday, August 25, 2008, 4:38 PM
> I looked through Audi Fans quickly this noon and saw the
> 1990 and Avant part
> but totally missed the "V8".
> Interesting, and pretty cheap all things considered.
> But I have too many vehicles in the yard at the moment, and
> until I get the
> utility vehicle situation sorted out I can't even allow
> my self to
> contemplate another Avant.  I hope to blow out the Big
> Black Truck next
> month, and that will help.  But, there is a list....
> 1)  The Green Horney (100CS) needs a new air bag computer,
> I fear.  The air
> bag light is on all the time, and the car will not pass
> state inspection in
> December without the light out.
> 2. The Green Horney needs that gizzie switch that sits on
> top of the
> transmission and control the back up lights and all that
> goes along with
> them....the down tilting right side mirror for instance. 
> Over $400 from
> Audi.  I am working on another source.
> 3.  The Pearl V8 needs to have the soft gear replaced and
> the ABS controller
> replaced, and I am working on that, too.
> 4.  The Pearl V8 will need to have tires before serious
> winter, or else be
> parked for the winter which is under consideration.  I may
> just drive The
> Runt through the winter and not drive much at all.  Works
> for me:  let my
> wife chauffer me around in The Green Horney.
> 5.  Then I am contemplating buying a different truck after
> disposing of The
> Big Black Truck. Then disposing of The Runtandplow, and
> putting a new plow
> on the new(er) truck.  I have also thought about just using
> the snow
> blower...all that walking will be good exercise, doncha
> think?
> Besides. IF and when I do find another Avant, I will want
> another '91 20
> Valve, and those are getting like hen's teeth.
> Sigh.  So many vehicles so little time!
> Roger
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