[V8] Engine rebuild options

Bastian Preindl bastian at preindl.net
Tue Aug 26 15:03:20 PDT 2008


cobram at juno.com schrieb:
> Recoated with what?  
NiKaSil, that was at least what he claimed...

> I think they're getting their nomenclature wrong.  Overheating is a major
> cause of excessive oil consumption in V8Q's (my experience of the years,
> anyway.)  Once very overheated, both PT and ABH engines will run fine but
> burn excessive amounts of oil IME.

Could you go into somewhat more detail concerning the overheating 
problem? Where do the problems occur, in the heads or the block?

I have reread the "Spring"-thread and also read the 
Kolbenschmidt-brochure provided. At the moment I'm re-discussing the 
NiKaSil rumours (I call them rumours, people at audiv8.com call it fact) 
on audiv8.com and am requesting written, official statements proving 
that NiKaSil has been used on the ABH and later PT (as stated in 

To clarify that: I have traced back the NiKaSil rumour in the ABH to a 
posting of somebody in the year 2000, when the forum at audiv8.com was 
brand new. Also stated in 2000 is - what we also noticed over the years 
- that PT oil consumption is much less than ABH oil consumption, whereas 
earlier ABH engines have more problems than later ones. I am currently 
working (unfortunately since a couple of months...) on a database to 
derive interconnections between mileage, manufacturing date and engine 
type, but it's not ready yet.

Anyways, the rumours have been confirmed by people really deep into the 
V8 topic (including the operators of audiv8.com) and has therefore been 
parrotted by a lot of people including myself and traded as facts. That 
the lead engineer I've talked to spoke nonsense sounds strange, but I 
wouldn't be surprised. Your arguments sound very reasonable and the 
provided brochure may emphasize that, but it could also refer to the A8 
engines. So I am currently investigating on fact sheets about the ABH 
engines to clarify that for now and forever.

If you could provide more experiences concerning the high oil 
consumption, reasons for it and more material concerning the coatings on 
PT/ABHs I would appreciate it very much!

Thanks a lot


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