[V8] Engine rebuild options

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 26 19:14:44 PDT 2008

Most of them I know of were repalced on Audi's dime and generally in the 
40-60K range. I belive there is in the area of 80K on Ingo's engine, but it 
has been driven very hard. I personally had it to the end of the tach 
(7600). Although, I'm not sure that is the only issue. I had a 10VT 5000 
that routinely saw 7500, all stock. About 250K, didn't burn any more than 
1/2 quart/3000 miles. However, that had a cast iron block, so that may be a 
huge difference.

Bill's 90 5-speed on the Marketplace says it also have a new factory 
replacement engine........wonder why??

I really don't know of any specific instances, unfortunately. I worked at 
the dealer starting in 96, so I wasn't around for any of the replacements. 
However, I do know it's generally a good idea not to fill a V8 up to the top 
of the "safe" zone. If I do on mine, it will burn a quatr off in less than 
1000 miles. If I let it go down to the middle, it will stay there for 2500 - 
3000 miles. BTW, this car has 330K on it. And, most of that oil goes past 
the guide seals. It smokes on extended decel (like down a pass with the boat 
on it).

Anyhow, I know they do tend to burn oil after being overheated, but I'm not 
100% sure that's the only reason.


> Curious as to average miles and if you can pinpoint the cause.  V8Q #2
> w/PT smokes "a bit" after getting up to operating temp, I bought it cheap
> because previous owner hit some road debris.  Later found out that it was
> driven with wiped out radiator for one exit too many.  I put in 10 quarts
> at oil change, when it reaches about 7 it's usually overdue for an oil
> change anyway.  Seems to burn lots less oil this way than topping it off
> every time the dipstick gets low.

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