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 Guess that makes me the old fart Tony....?? TSB's exist on both issues, and I worked with several customers back in the 90's looking for Ag relief.? First, Audi revised the PT and ABH oil fill capacity to 8 quarts years ago.? The TSB references an included sticker for the owners manual .? I have yet to see one of those, but the TSB is clear regarding the fill level being minus 2 quarts from the top line.? WRT oil consumption, that was a recall on PT motor stamped with EO on the belt cover.? With a well documented customer complaint history, Audi would replace the engine complete.?? There was a hotline for the dealers to call, and the replaced engine was sent back to Germany.? IIRC II there was no reason given regarding the particular motors in question.? This was not a blanket freebie, the instructions were clear that you looked for the stamping on the TB cover, no stamp, don't bother calling.? The original owner of Ingo's car had this done within the first 10k miles of buying his 5spd new.? The boxes of service history I waded through years ago showed the oil consumption complaint still present with the replacement motor.? Audi took 1 more whack (hack) at it at a local dealer, by doing the heads, valves and seals.? When I got to it after that didn't solve the problem (and Audi said "no more"), I had to helicoil a stripped head bolt, and reseal just about every gasket.

My ex2ex 91 burns virtually no oil at all, and it runs hot all the time.? My 92 takes a quart every 1000-1500 depending on my driving style.? I firmly believe that a big problem with v8 oil consumption is due to the crankcase vent system not being designed properly on the PT and the ABH.? Venting valve covers at the back of the head means when a big heavy pig takes a heavy butt set, the oil sloshes to the back of the head, where it floods the crankcase vent system.? 

My theory on the whole issue was that the massive doses of oil at the back of the head made for a really bad smokey mixture in the combustion chamber, which with enough timing advance caused really high combustion temps, and lead to rings letting go pretty early.? I replaced a set of rings as posted here, and the problem went away for several years, but did come back.

HTH and my .02

Scott J
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Most of them I know of were repalced on Audi's dime and generally in the 
40-60K range. I belive there is in the area of 80K on Ingo's engine, but it 
has been driven very hard. I personally had it to the end of the tach 
(7600). Although, I'm not sure that is the only issue. I had a 10VT 5000 
that routinely saw 7500, all stock. About 250K, didn't burn any more than 
1/2 quart/3000 miles. However, that had a cast iron block, so that may be a 
huge difference.

Bill's 90 5-speed on the Marketplace says it also have a new factory 
replacement engine........wonder why??

I really don't know of any specific instances, unfortunately. I worked at 
the dealer starting in 96, so I wasn't around for any of the replacements. 
However, I do know it's generally a good idea not to fill a V8 up to the top 
of the "safe" zone. If I do on mine, it will burn a quatr off in less than 
1000 miles. If I let it go down to the middle, it will stay there for 2500 - 
3000 miles. BTW, this car has 330K on it. And, most of that oil goes past 
the guide seals. It smokes on extended decel (like down a pass with the boat 
on it).

Anyhow, I know they do tend to burn oil after being overheated, but I'm not 
100% sure that's the only reason.


> Curious as to average miles and if you can pinpoint the cause.  V8Q #2
> w/PT smokes "a bit" after getting up to operating temp, I bought it cheap
> because previous owner hit some road debris.  Later found out that it was
> driven with wiped out radiator for one exit too many.  I put in 10 quarts
> at oil change, when it reaches about 7 it's usually overdue for an oil
> change anyway.  Seems to burn lots less oil this way than topping it off
> every time the dipstick gets low.
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