[V8] Engine rebuild options

Ari Palomäki ari.palomaki at pp1.inet.fi
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a) for the ABH, it says "Cylinders coated with AluSil".
b) for PT and 3B, it says "cast iron block with aluminium heads", which is 
obviously wrong for PT.

This is starting to get interesting. Although Kolbenschmidt's catalog 
mentions Audi V8 not being a NiKaSil engine, this may be either an error or 
just a generalisation as no more specific references were made. After all, 
the V8 engine has gone thru several revisions in A8.

Some of you mention replacing piston rings and checking bearings. A couple 
of questions:
a) what type of rings did you use(plus manufacturer)?
b) torque values for main and conrod caps?

Thanks again,
- Ari -

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> Ari,
> would you like to translate this both URLs (mainly the lines next to 
> "Materiaali")?
> http://www.autowiki.fi/index.php/VAG_ABH-moottori
> http://www.autowiki.fi/index.php/VAG_PT-moottori
> http://www.autowiki.fi/index.php/VAG_3B-moottori (this one is for my 
> personal interest, but afair it's the same like the PT)
> Thanks a lot
> Bastian
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