[V8] Engine rebuild options

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 27 05:00:20 PDT 2008

I do know of two that have rebuilt heads, and it didn't help. And mine, 
which smokes pretty badly on long deceleration, doesn't burn anything 
appreciably. BTW, that shows it's the heads, not the rings. Generally, smoke 
on acceleration is rings, smoke on decel or at idle is the valve 

However, I think there's something to Scott's theory about venting the heads 
at the back. I guess if every acceleration is a hard one, pushing the oil 
inot the venting system could lead to a problem.

That is pretty bad oil consumption on those ABH's. Just out of curiosity, is 
it worse on manual transmission models? That seems to be one thing I see 
here. And, that would also support the venting theory, as they have the 
ability to accelerate much harder than the automatic models.


> well, the PT engines may also take more oil in the years (I talk about 1 
> or 1,5 litres on 1000 km) but it usually helps to overhaul the heads 
> (whereby mainly the valve stem seal is worn out)
> and it lowers oil consumption quite reliably and significantly. Doing the 
> same on an ABH (and we're talking about amounts >3l/1000km, which we had 
> on dozens, if not hundred machines in the forum over the years, not 
> directly connected to the mileage) usually doesn't help a lot - the 
> consumption remains, whereby the compression is perfect. The assumption 
> that the reason for this are problems with the cylinder coating is a 
> consequence - whereas somebody came up with the NiKaSil theory (stated as 
> a fact, sincerely). So if it's not about NiKaSil, I wonder what's the 
> reason and why the ABH, mainly the older ones, take significantly more oil 
> than the PTs. There has to be a reason.
> If it's about overheating, what I personally experienced also (I had once 
> an early '92 ABH with 240tkm on the engine and it significantly raised the 
> oil consumption (well, from 1,5 to 2,5 or even more) after it overheated 
> once due to a fluid leakage in mid summer) but didn't interconnect at that 
> time, what engine parts are impacted by the overheating and how can it be 
> repaired?
> Bastian 

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