[V8] Engine rebuild options

Wed Aug 27 05:40:57 PDT 2008

How about using the plenum cover and valve covers from the abz? This would 
effectively update the crankcase vent system.
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>> if it's really about the head design, I wonder why the ABH is more
>> affected than the PT (that's at least our experience). And IF it is
>> nevertheless the head design, what can be done against it?
>> Bastian
> I'm not so sure the ABH is more affected. I've seen plenty of both. 
> However,
> your second question is really my big one. What can be done to rectify the
> situation? I have plans to put a V8 into a 4000Q, and that will accelerate
> plenty hard (all the time!) to create a ventisation problem at the back of
> the engine. Hmm...........
> Tony
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