[V8] Engine rebuild options

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Wed Aug 27 07:54:28 PDT 2008

Both suffer the problem equally IME.  However, since the ABH puts  300ft/lbs 
of torque vs the PT, I suppose your experience would support the  sloshing 
The fix is to redesign the PCV system so that the pickup is not at the back  
of the head, or delay/shutoff the PCV for 20 seconds with a solenoid valve  
attached to the WOT switch.  
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bastian at preindl.net writes:


> However, I think there's something to Scott's theory  about venting the 
> at the back. I guess if every acceleration is  a hard one, pushing the oil 
> inot the venting system could lead to a  problem.

if it's really about the head design, I  wonder why the ABH is more 
affected than the PT (that's at least our  experience). And IF it is 
nevertheless the head design, what can be done  against it?



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