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The one I read were sent to the dealers and were in much more detail.   It 
was 2+ pages long with pictures and gave way too much information.   I'll see if 
I can dig up the extended version...
Back in the mid/late 90's, the previous owner of Ingo's 5spd paid me a lot  
of money to look into the fix for the oil consumption problem.  I had a  pretty 
thick file of Audi memos to dealers on both the oil fill and the  PT engine 
replacement program.  At the time, I concluded that the PCV  system was poorly 
designed on the v8 engines (PT and ABH).  The customer  was trying to go after 
Audi for the fix and reimbursement, he lost on both  counts.  At one point I 
was on the horn with some engineer types in  germany, and some Audi US 
engineering laison.  Lots of denials this as  known problem, and incredulous that I 
would suggest such fixes.  
If I can find the file of the information I gathered, I'll post it  up.  
Quite entertaining for me, and expected answers to my theories in the  
documentation that existed, and the responses we got from Audi.  The  customer wasn't too 
happy with me or Audi once he found out there was no  reimbursement for my 
efforts...  And his car still sucked oil.  I  started to draw up my version of 
how the PCV might work by modifying existing  parts on the car, then dropped it 
in favor of better paying work (paying work  being better?).  Ingo got the 
car with a LOT of new parts on it at that  time, and inherited the oil 
consumption problem by definition.  We tried a  couple work-arounds a few years ago, 
but my guess is that a fresh motor baseline  would be necessary in addition to 
the PCV mods to make them effective.
I also believed at the time that the reason for the revised oil fill was  
that the 10q fill line in the sump also caused PCV problems from the  block.
HTH and my .02
Scott J
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>First, Audi revised the PT and ABH oil  fill capacity to 
>8 quarts years ago.  The TSB references an  included 
>sticker for the owners manual .  I have yet to see one  
>of those, but the TSB is clear regarding the fill level 
>being  minus 2 quarts from the top line.  

Not exactly, here is the  TSB  verbatim:


V8Q  #1 takes almost 10 quarts, V8Q#2 about 9 quarts following  this

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