[V8] Fw: SEMA Urgent Legislative Alert: California Lawmaker Trying to Sneak by a Bill to Require...

Dave Saad dsaad at icehouse.net
Wed Aug 27 16:12:22 PDT 2008

Oh Yea!

well they will have to pry my V8 from my cold dead fingers...

We have a smog check every year, but I think it is less rigorous than  
yours.  The car also does not have to pas any tests more stringent  
than when it was new.  They did throw a high RPM test at my old  
Ranger this year that failed. Turns out one plug wire had fallen off  
and the plugs/cap/rotor were all toast.  Carb was also in pretty sad  
shape.  The weird part was how the low speed test passed.  I don't  
even have a cat on this thing and all of the vacuum operated trash  
for emissions is gone.  I do hook up the air pump for the tests  
though. At least here, 1983 is the cutoff year where I can get away  
with this.

After the very thorough tune up, it runs like a champ and even got 26  
MPG on my last camping trip (highway miles) - and that included 2  
hours (and 8 miles) of driving in low range on a very nasty road.


On Aug 27, 2008, at 4:31 PM, Steven B wrote:

> I suppose many folks here are like me ... NONE of the Audis I own  
> are new than 15 model years old.  It is frustrating enough to have  
> to go in every other year for a SMOG check, and now California is  
> trying to sneak in a change to make it every year.  I hope every  
> California audifan will deem this important enough to take a few  
> minutes to have your voice heard on this subject.  If you are  
> interested in preserving your rights as an owner of older vehicles  
> you might want to consider joining SEMA.
> Thanks!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> ... in the event this message doesn't make it through the mailer,  
> here's a link:
> http://echo.bluehornet.com/hostedemail/email.htm? 
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> Immediate Action Needed!
> California Lawmaker Trying to Sneak by a Bill to Require ANNUAL  
> Emissions Tests for Vehicles
> 15-Years Old and Older
> Committee Hearing set for August 28. Call Now!!!
> In an effort to avoid public scrutiny, California Assemblyman Dave  
> Jones (Assemblymember.jones at assembly.ca.gov) has amended a  
> completely unrelated bill with language to require annual Smog  
> check inspections for vehicles 15-years old and older.  This  
> represents an obvious attempt to sneak through legislation in the  
> closing days of the legislative session that had been previously  
> defeated (A.B. 616).  The new bill is designated as A.B. 3053.
> While pre-1976 motor vehicles would remain exempt under existing  
> California law, this proposal ignores the fact that vehicles 15- 
> years old and older still constitute a small portion of the overall  
> vehicle population and are a poor source from which to look for  
> emissions reduction.  Furthermore, the bill would direct that the  
> funds generated through annual inspection fees be used to scrap  
> older cars.  This represents another attempt by California  
> legislators and regulators to scapegoat older cars.
> This is the type of activity that fuels distrust in public  
> officials.  SEMA caught this lawmaker’s underhanded attempt to  
> circumvent public process and is now calling on you to help defeat  
> A.B 3053 before it’s too late.
> Time is of the Essence!  We Urge You to Call the California Senate  
> Appropriations Committee (List Below) Immediately to Oppose A.B. 3053
> California Senate Appropriations Committee
> Senator Tom Torlakson – Chair
> Phone: 916/651-4007
> Email: senator.torlakson at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Dave Cox
> Phone: 916/651-4001
> Email: senator.cox at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Sam Aanestad
> Phone: 916/651-4004
> Email: senator..aanestad at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Roy Ashburn
> Phone: 916/651-4018
> Email: senator.ashburn at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Gilbert Cedillo
> Phone: 916/651-4022
> Email: senator.cedillo at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Ellen Corbett
> Phone: 916/651-4010
> Senator Robert Dutton
> Phone: 916/651-4031
> Email: senator.dutton at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Dean Florez
> Phone: 916/651-4016
> Email: senator.florez at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Sheila Kuehl
> Phone: 916/651-4023
> Email: senator.kuehl at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Jenny Oropeza
> Phone: 916/651-4028
> Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas
> Phone: 916/651-4026
> Senator George Runner
> Phone: 916/651-4017
> Email: senator.runner at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Joe Simitian
> Phone: 916/651-4011
> Email: senator.simitian at sen.ca.gov
> Senator Mark Wyland
> Phone: 916/651-4038
> Senator Leland Yee
> Phone: 916/651-4008
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