[V8] Broken Window Cable

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If MH means motorhome - your right and the $$$$ is fuel -? 6 miles to the gallon at $4.50 plus per gallon.? I figured it's costing me $50.00 and hour to drive it.? I drove to Florida and back and the fuel alone was $1,200.? We were there doing the Winter AM MX races (10 days planned) and my son broke his leg the first 20 seconds of his first race.? I think we were in your neck of the woods (Gainesville, Florida)

I think it may be time to start thinking about a A8 2003+ or RS6 or S8 - 5 cars TOO MANY!!!!!!!

Bob Blake

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What? You been putting all the money in the MH??
There was a procedure posted a long time back on redoing the cables, but the best thing is to either get a new one from Blau, or call Bruce for a used one. Faster doing the whole thing. Takes about an hour...?
bblake1055 at aol.com wrote:?
> Well I knew it was too good to be true.? Five V8's and not one repair in the last two years,?
> > Anyhow,? The 91 V8 drivers widow has a broken cable coming out of the window motor.? The motor seems to be working fine but the window does not go up.?
> > Any ideas on how to attack this?? Can you replace just the cable or is it part of the motor??
> > Are any of the cables (rear or passenger windows) interchangeable??
> > > Thanks in advance for any help!!!?
> > > Bob Blake?
> > 90 V8 22" wheels (inherited it from son when he couldn't sell it)?
> 91 V8 broken window?
> 92 V8 > 93 V8?
> 93 V8 5spd?
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