[V8] beautiful

Tue Dec 2 13:26:23 PST 2008

Evryone please re-read her post befor blurting out answers, and giving Wendy 
false hope. The forward clutches are toast as a result of the car being at 
full throttle while on the brakes while in gear. This is a no brainer, no 
guess work here guys!

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> Well, I have a beautiful but dead 1990 Audi Quattro V8 32 valve.....: ( I 
> have only had it 3 months, put a lot of $$ into it to be able to safety 
> and buy the car. I bought it off a local dr. Well the other day with the 
> change in temp. my lovely throttle became stuck wide open while driving 
> down the road....the car was/is great running like a top.....then 
> this.....so I got it around the block, riding with both feet on the brake 
> pedal. ....the next morning had it towed to a garage..My friend the 
> mechanic got it all apart and found the throttle straightened it right 
> out.....bamm, running just like it was supposed to be..Then he asks me to 
> drive the car inside his garage to put it back together because it was so 
> cold outside, no problem, I hop in....put the car in drive and NOTHING 
> happens.....strange, try reverse.....works....no forward gears at 
> all.....So to end my sad story.....have it towed to a tranny shop, they 
> called me today to tell me that it is an 'internal' transmission problem 
> and to even rebuild a used one it would start at about 1600.00 just for 
> the parts alone.....
> I am so sad. I am a single mom who just recently got into real estate and 
> was so in love with this car.....Everything works and is in mint shape, we 
> had body work done, brakes, drums, alternator rebuilt, heated seats work, 
> the phone even still works, the sunroof, it has the whole cold weather 
> package in place, the leather is like brand new...I am heart broken. I 
> just got it at the end of August....3 months ago....I don't have that 
> money to put into it....
> Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....
> Sad, sad...
> Wendy
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