[V8] planning a new stereo upgrade

JOHN DODD jidodd at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 9 20:38:32 PST 2008

Hi Scott
I got it sort of  figured out after I posted.It's the same output as you send to a sub.
In the meantime I found out that there is a Metra harness available  for our car and in theory it should be really easy to do it by crimping to it the wires from the new stereo.Any idea if it was tried ?

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> John, 
> You're sort of correct. 
> With the bose system in any bose equipped car, the factory radio 
> uses line level output and sends that signal to the amps to be 
> amplified. As long as you re-create that signal to the amp's 
> they don't care where its coming from. 
> So you will NOT use the new decks "speaker" outputs they are 
> already "high level", but you will need to make sure that the 
> new deck as front AND rear line level outputs (RCA jacks). 
> You'll then use a set of RCA patch cables with one end cut off 
> and those wires to connect to the Audi's stock wiring. In 
> addition to that the Stock deck provided power to turn on the 
> amps, you'll need the "Remote" - (a blue wire typically) on the 
> new deck  to tie into the Audi's wireing to give that same 
> power back to the amps so that they do turn on. 
> I do have a wiring diagram, but you do too (if you still have 
> the stock radio) it's a sticker on the top of the factory radio. 
> if you dont have it LMK and I'll send a copy over. 
> Scott
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> Hi Scott
> to see if I get this right, the line level output from the new 
> stereo is the output that goes to the speakers normally ?
> Also is there a schematic for the original bose so I can figure 
> out the assisgnment for each wire ?
> thanks
> John
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> > John, 
> > 
> > You can change the deck no problem (and keep the Bose speakers and
> > amps). To do this you will need to use "Line level output" (RCA
> > Connectors) as the feeds to the Bose. One connector to each 
> amp. Also
> > Don't forget the Blue Remote wire on the new deck will be 
> needed 
> > to turn
> > on the Bose Amps.
> > 
> > Good Luck!
> > 
> > Scott P
> > 
> > 

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