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I've done a couple dozen different configs in the 200 and v8 series cars over the last 10+years.? I've enjoyed reading your comments.? The first couple I did for customers over 10 years ago, I used the existing Bose component amps.? Since that time, I have just pulled them, and used either cleaner external amps, or even just the internal amps in some of the newer head units are much cleaner than the Bose stuff IMO.

I use Madisound Speaker works to pick up my components, and they will ship you crossovers installed at whatever you spec, usually at less than Best Buy prices for generic stuff.? My favorite automotive speakers are their round 6.5 coax speaker, but they are not fun to install.? The sub install thru the ski sack is a good mod, and flipping up the rear armrest hides it well.? I have tried a couple different installs in the subwoofer arena, and found that the best sound was a 15in DVC speaker using the ski sack as the port.? Not much room for stuff in the trunk, but the sound was really clean and tight.? I ended up with an extra one on a different application (my old crown vic wagon company car) that I still use in my home system.

I will also say that some of the simplest clean tunes come from using a good set of 6x9 (the bose adapters are a standard adapter) speakers, and installing a vented speaker in place of the door (with a bass crossover you reference).? In lieu of that, the capping of the port does work well, as does filling the insert with pillow fiber.? One install note I'll make on the head units is that there is a step in the DIN opening that needs to be filed down, otherwise either the head unit won't land flush, or it gets crushed.? See that a lot with the generic installs.? I do pull the filter below the rear speaker grills, it tends to muddy the sound.

I have some early 90's class A stuff in my house feeding into a GFA 750 which I listen to thru mostly Marantz MA-22 Monoblocks.? I still have several top car audio stuff lying around, but I don't like giving it up when I shuffle cars in my driveway, so most of it is office art.? 

Enjoyed reading your efforts, and I'm sure it sounds much better than Bose delivered it.? A lot of good intentions regarding the design, but it looks like Audi ran out of money when it came to getting all the benefits of it.? I went to a management training seminar years ago, and a Bose manager was there.? He basically confirmed that the system was designed well, but execution ran short on dollars.

Cheers and thanks for posting your efforts!

Scott J



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I put aftermarket stereos in both my current and previous V8.
Two things I learned that are necessary to bear in mind if contemplating  
replacing the Bose system: 
1. remember if you bypass the bose amps output the speakers impendence  is 3 
ohm, and not compatible with the 4 ohm output of most amps. You  - might-  be 
able to use the speakers, but at the peril of the amp  lasting any period of 
2. Also, do not start playing with the wiring till you have a schematic  
showing the power lead to the amps from the head unit to remotely turn the  
individual amps on, mistaking it will cost you dearly if hook up a + 12V to a  
speaker lead by accident.
Some of my other observations are that I was lucky on my 2nd V8 as the  owner 
had already installed an aftermarket system (saving me the pain of running  
all new wires), but it was not to my tastes sound-wise, so did a few mods. I'm  
pretty finicky with stereos and like systems that make Jazz sound good, not 
just  massive crappy Bass like most "rock" tuned systems are capable of.
Notably, using the factory bose front boxes which are a tuned-port design  
specific to Bose drivers make most speakers sound awful at the low end (bass) as 

 their specific port system will not be a good match for 99% of the drivers  
out there. Best to stuff the small port with closed cell foam or put Bass  
blocking capacitors on them so they do not "muddy" up the sound. 
Also, the ski sock hole in the rear seat is a perfect place to put a sub,  
just make sure you seal the trunk from the interior if you want nice flat and  
low bass. Also Dynamating the underside of the rear deck and rear seat  
sheetmetal (even with stock Bose speakers) makes a massive difference in  Bass 
and smoothness. 
Also placing some non- metallic tweeters (metal tweeters sound too  "bright") 
in the dashboard pods (displacing the factory phone speaker on the  pass 
side) can do wonders for the stereo imaging. 
I build my own home speakers and love dabbling with stereos and could talk  
all day about stereos, so if anyone wants to chat off list let me know. Also,  
Huw Powell on the Quattro list is a great resource (speaker guy by profession 
I  think).
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