[V8] planning a new stereo upgrade

toml99 at todomundo.com toml99 at todomundo.com
Wed Dec 10 21:14:31 PST 2008

Hey Dave.....just made it into the 21st century and bought my first  
TV ever(could never pass up a good free TV)....and just hooked up my  
new 32" Samsung to my 1985 Bose 901's(that are hanging properly from  
my 11 ft ceiling)....and they sound GOOOOOD.  They love that digital  
signal......It's going to force me to buy another pair.....As far as  
the rest of the banter, after having my friend re-do all my amps in  
the '90, I think my stock system sounds awsome.  The '93 (DOTC/ 
beater)....was attacked by the previous idiot with some wire cutters,  
and only one speaker is still Bose(only one that works)...and not  
sure if I'm ever going to bother to try and figure out what he did/ 
didn't do to the system.  I've got a stock Bose system in the 04  
Silverado, and it's also quite awsome.....but after a lifetime of  
hearing abuse, not sure if I'm the one to pass judgment.....Tom

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